A Spinning Wheel

Life right now -
feels like a spinning wheel
that someone wound up -
but forgot to stop. 

Time is racing faster
than my thoughts.
The year has barely begun,
but is scheduled down 
to the near-end. 

When do we breathe?
Between the cracks?
Do we rise up, gasp for air,
and then get pulled back under?

Is this what Life is truly meant to be?
Where is the "stop" level...
and how can I pull it? 

This title could have been, "8 days before covid shutdown" but I didn't know it at the time. Speaking for only myself, as someone who has remained relatively healthy this entire time, when people ask how I've coped with the complete stop and pause of everything that I once knew - I think back to this moment, and this girl, and I remember how overwhelmed and helpless she was feeling, and how this time of complete reset has been something both completely unexpected and also an opportunity for an overhaul of what was once important.