The Hepburn Girls

About the Film

A reclusive librarian’s life turns upside down when she discovers the high-spirited younger sister she never knew existed.

"The Hepburn Girls" Director's Cut


Katherine Sherard has worked hard for her solitary life. She has no close family, rarely dates and has only a small handful of friends–just the way she likes it. That is, until she meets Audrey Adler, an outgoing, high-spirited 17 year old who reveals herself to be Katherine’s half-sister in desperate need of a home.

Now with the responsibility of raising her newly discovered sister, Katherine’s world is turned upside down. Through a series of events, it seems as though Katherine needs Audrey to help her through life’s struggles as much as Audrey needs Katherine.


Ashley Raymer-Brown, Paige Campbell, Duke Thomas Low, Rachael Yeager, Ben Fabish, Brian Douglas Barker, Timothy Jermaine Ellis, Sr., Karen Cole Martion, Hannah Crawford, Olivia Plath, Craig Nolan Highley, Ann Johnson, Candy Thomas and Mark Smeby

Production Team

Directed by: Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager

Produced by: Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager, Justin Tyler Franklin, Brian Douglas Barker

Written by: Ashley Raymer-Brown

Original Score by

Jordan Cottrell

Additional Music

Darnell Cauley

Original Songs from:

D-Tunes, Eagle’s Wings, Maggie Lander, Mayven, Mark Smeby, Soul Rebel, Brian Wahl, Caitlyn Waltermire, Terry Yeager

Dove Review:

The Hepburn Girls

CFDb Review:

‘The Hepburn Girls’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

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