A Sky Full of Stars

Forty years is a twinkle 
in the annals of history books.
Only four decades, only forty years,
only a mere moment.

But when you put the days on a string,
the hours and the minutes, 
and the seconds - you begin to see 
how much Life can be lived 
in this twinkle of time.

Laughter, Tears, Sadness, Fears -
Joy, Relief, Depression, and Victory
all combine to create
a unique human experience. 

Forty years is a twinkle,
but compile each moment together,
and you have a lifetime of 
sparkling moments - 
a sky full of stars. 

(I felt this was appropriate for Birthday Eve, and my last day of being 40...this draft was written for myself on my 40th birthday last year - it was edited and given as a gift to a dear friend who celebrated her 40th birthday a week later. Her version is better, but I didn't keep a copy, because it is hers.) 

The Perfect Cup of Tea

true friendship is...
a good hair day,
the perfect cup of tea - 
no red lights on the
way to work,
and the first night of sleep
on freshly washed

it's a smile at the 
caller ID, 
a long conversation
full of honesty,
and empathy -
and the ability to 
pick up where 
you left off...
after two hours,
two days, or four months. 

it's companionable silence
where words are not 
laughing at the ridiculous 
when it is,
and prayers in -
and through, 
the pain. 

true friendship
is the ability to 
be your utterly
weird, and
wonderful self,
and feel perfectly 
and completely 
at home. 

Celebrating all of the wonderful people who let me be my weird little self, but especially my friend Candy, who is having a birthday today, and who is learning to love tea as much as I do. 🙂 

The Gift of Time

One of the greatest gifts
the Lord has bestowed to us,
is the gift of time.

And the greatest gift
we can give Him in return -
is how we spend that time.

We can fritter it away,
or pile it up with study,
or work, 
or mindless activity.

But what He would love, 
what He would ultimately prefer - 
is if we just took a deep breath, 
and said, "I'd really just like 
to spend my time with You." 

Bless Me With Indifference

Betrayal is a heavy stone 
that weighs down the 
pockets of my mind.

It frays the seams, 
and nudges other
more important thoughts
out of my soul. 

It wearies me, worries me
and begs for my attention.
The wounds cut even deeper
when the Betrayer has 
gloated to others about 
the success of their crime.

I pray for relief and for release -
through forgiveness first,
and finally, the blessing of 
where pain ceases, 
and peace begins. 

Another moment from the archives of last year. I had a LOT of feelings to work through, and I'm grateful for the time of reflection. 


It takes courage to self-examine -
and strength to face when 
we were wrong.
This should not be
a foreign feeling - 
it should be our every day norm. 
So much of life is running,
and we never take a step.
whatever it takes,
But victory can be found
when we sit very still
and hold a mirror to our faces
leads to self-realization 
and to freedom of self. 

Slaying Dragons

Why does it seem we must
all slay our own dragons?
There are so many obstacles,
pitfalls, and heartaches 
we could avoid...
if only we learned
from the dragon slayers 
of the past. 
If we allowed their 
to be our 
But then, I suppose,
if we never slew 
our own foes, 
we would also never 
come to understand
the meaning of the quest.