The Why Not? Philosophy

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The subject of my blog series 35 Days to 35 is now for sale in softcover and e-book!

“The Why Not Philosophy is the incredible true story of two young women from Middle-of-Nowhere, Kentucky who decided to do the impossible: make a full-length feature film. With severely limited funds and little to no resources, Ashley Raymer-Brown and Rachael Yeager relied solely on their faith in God, grit, and determination to see this endeavor through to the end. In this behind-the-scenes memoir, they document how they overcame the five core obstacles (Experience, Education, Money, Time, and saying “I Can’t”) to achieving their goal. Every peak and valley from conception to worldwide distribution is recalled with humor, honesty, and practical advice for the next amateur-turned-professional filmmaker to overcome those same five obstacles on the path to fulfilling their own dream. This book is written for the followers of Christ, the dreamers, the lovers of kittens and dinosaurs, and anyone with a passion for film.”

Purchase your copy on now!

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