Why do we obsess over 
that which scares us?
To regain power? Control? 
"We never had control." 
We always have the power. 
Fear is what we allow it to be.
Whether it's the dark, 
or spiders, 
or a large, scaly lizard
that ROARS. 

Dedicated to my first best friend and cousin, who shares my love of Dinosaurs, and so many childhood memories, and whose birthday is today. 
Happy Birthday, Lauren!  

Disney’s “Must Do, Re-Do and Don’t Do” Vacation Review

In one month, I’ll be taking my annual family trip to Disney World. I’ve also been seeing a lot of my friends Disney vacation pictures turn up in my news feed.

In anticipation of that, and in celebration of their trips, I wanted to share this entry about a previous trip I took. This is reprinted exactly as originally written, with one small editors note. You’ll know why when you get to the entry.

For those who haven’t been in a while (or at all), on the televisions in the rooms, there is a channel strictly for Disney, where a very perky brunette flits around the park and gives you tips on all the Disney “Must Do’s.” This was my response to her suggestions. A review of all the “Disney Must Do, Re-Do, and Don’t Do!”


epcot 2

Italy World Showcase


The Not-So-Disney
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