No Lost Cause

This inspiring, independent film serves as a reminder that the seemingly impossible task of forgiving ourselves is always possible when we let God into our hearts.

No Lost Cause Director's Cut

Directors Cut Poster

A truly local independent film! Shot in Henry & Shelby County, Kentucky featuring actors from Eminence, Shelbyvillle, Frankfort, Crestwood, and Lexington by two Kentucky women filmmakers.
Plot Outline
“No Lost Cause” is the story of Beth Ann Collins, a young woman who is tragically paralyzed after a drunk driving accident. She is forced to live with Billy, her estranged father, as a result. Doctors give her very little hope: if she is to recover, it must be within the next six months.

Beth Ann’s cruelty and spitefulness toward anyone who crosses paths with her increases each day as the chances for a full recovery drift further and further away. But Billy won’t give up on her, nor will the people who love her unconditionally. They have faith in something more powerful than a doctor’s diagnosis.

Movie poster

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Caitlyn Waltermire, Brian Douglas Barker, Nils Hamilton, Ben Fabish, Ashley Raymer-Brown, Greg Waltermire, Candy Thomas, Karen Cole Martion, Hannah Crawford and Timothy Jermaine Ellis, Sr.

Directed by

Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager

Produced by

Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager, Brian Douglas Barker

Original score by Barry Sharp

Original songs by Caitlyn Waltermire

Awards and Recognition

Official Selection of the Phoenix Christian Film Festival–Honorable Mention (AZ)
Official Selection of the Louisville International Film Festival (KY)
Official Selection of the Williamsburg International Film Festival–Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking (NY)
Official Selection of the Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival (South Africa)
Official Selection of the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival–Awarded Third Place in the Feature Film Category (TX)
Official Selection of the Do It Yourself Film Festival (CA)

Dove Review

Official Website

Distributed by Destiny Image Films


Music Video


2 thoughts on “No Lost Cause

  1. Malisa Harrison says:

    For the first time last night I saw this movie. Wow how amazing and impacting it was on me. I teach a youth drama team at my church and I am always looking for songs for us to use. Love the main song but can you please tell me the song at the very end of the movie while credits were rolling. I have been searching and can not find it. Thank u so much. Have a blessed day


    • Hi Malisa!

      Thank you so much for your kind comments!! The song you are interested in is called, “I Give it All to You.” It was written by Jordan Cottrell. As of right now, it’s not on Itunes, but we’re working on changing that, as we’ve gotten a lot of comments from people who really liked that song!! I’m not sure if your youth group would be interested, but Rachael and I did write a book about our experience making that film, which is available on Amazon or for download on Kindle. It might be a fun way to show them the behind the scenes of what it takes to bring a film like ours to life! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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