Happy Birthday, Nancye!!

Today I would like to take a moment to wish one of my faithful readers (and one of my favorite people!) a very Happy Birthday.

Nancye is the true definition of the word “Lady.” She is constantly teaching me new and important things. Things such as the proper way to set a table, how to dress, the value of tea parties, fresh cut flowers, nail polish, universal kindness, and trying something new. She loves her Ipad and my Mom is hoping to convince her to try riding a bike this summer!

When she answers the phone, she makes you feel as though she is delighted to hear from you, and only you. She also teaches me that there truly is no age limit on friendship. She is warm, kind, compassionate, strong, and beautiful.

I won’t reveal her age, for she also taught me a lady never tells such a thing, but I’d like to say how much I love her and hope she is having a wonderful day!

Happiness is Cake

“Good things come to those who wait.”

That’s a very encouraging sentiment, and could even be considered words to live by. I could also guarantee you without so much as a second of research that the above is a string of words first uttered by someone whose mouth was packed full of freshly baked cake. The extra ten pounds I’ve been carrying on my thighs for the past ten years is evidence enough of my own personal belief in that statement.

Think about it; has their ever been a more perfect moment than when we first partake of this warm, confectionary burst of happiness? Such simple ingredients; eggs, water, butter, cake mix (let’s be real) a dash of vanilla and a pinch of love, poured in a pan and baked to 350 degrees of golden joy. Roughly 30 minutes later, after a slathering of chocolate icing, and a scattering of sprinkles (for whimsy) the final result is a nigh on guarantee to cure any ill.

Now that we’re all hungry, what’s the point?
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