Rewriting History

When one sets about 
              to rewrite history,
the BIGGEST and best 
piece of advice I can share....
is make sure you 
send the new drafts 
to those who lived the events 
with you.
It makes for some 
very awkward glances. 

Thumbing through my poetry journal, this was written exactly one year ago today. A lot of my early work was much more focused on anger and hurt, and was written without editing. It was just whatever I thought in the moment and put on the page, then closed when the thought stopped. 

I'm pleased to share that this particular method of coping has helped me so, so much. Obviously, none of these "poems" rhyme, they are just words arranged on a page in an artistic help me think through and take what I feel and bring it out of me, and onto the page. 

I never imagined that they would even be intelligible, and I certainly never thought I'd share them, but I've seen a real growth, and I think it's important to share, especially if someone else decides to try it, and it helps them too.

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