Snowpocalypse Part Deaux

It’s been a week since my birthday and so much has happened! The book was published, millions of copies were ordered, it became an international best-seller, and I got a personal invitation from Steven Spielberg to the premiere of “Jurassic World” because of the sheer amount of times I mentioned John Hammond’s name in the pages of our story.

Also, none of that is true. Actually, I did the opposite of what I should have done upon releasing a new book; I took time off. I was starting to play a game called “old age or exhaustion” and decided to rest instead of press. I had a lot of work to catch up on for our theatre show anyway. (which opens on the 19th if any of my readers live in the vicinity!)

In truth, during the last week, more copies were sold than I anticipated, but I’m not exactly international….yet. If only I knew someone, say, in the United Kingdom, that could buy a copy. Then I could truly call myself international!! *cough*James*cough.*  😉

Anyway, in other news, everything had finally, finally melted from the snow storm earlier in the month. That round of snow shut down some small towns for a solid week. Because Winter doesn’t know when to quit, my area of Kentucky was pelted by another snow storm last night.

An average of 15 inches of snow, a declared state of emergency, and rumors that Wal-Mart is closed. Wal-Mart. That only closes on Christmas Day. That’s when you know things are serious.

Here’s how snowpocalypse relates to the book. A week ago, I ordered a huge shipment of books. I paid extra for ‘expedited’ shipping. That shipment was due to arrive today. The photo above is of my street. There’s a reason the middle of snow spells NO.

I don’t think they are going to arrive today. Because, why not?

Honestly, Winter has become that houseguest that doesn’t realize you just want it to leave.


35 Days to 35 is the series just completed by Ashley about her process of bringing her first book from rejection to publication in 35 days. It can be purchased in paperback or e-book. A portion of royalties will go toward her “Alpaca Fund.”

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