Now what??

Now that I’ve had my family birthday lunch, the celebrations are subsiding. Also, my 35 day blogging challenge is over, and while I don’t have to write a blog every day anymore, I wanted to at least finish out the month.  What happens now that the book is complete and released out into the wild?

Obviously, the bulk of the work is done and I can move on to the next project/book without another thought about those 35 intense days where I nearly lost my mind publishing my first book. Right? Right?


This really is like a child. Now that it has been birthed into the world, I cannot leave it to languish or it will get all soft and drooly and not be able to care for itself. Or something.

In truth, it is now that the real work begins. Publishing is one thing. Publicity is a completely different beast all together. I have to find a way to walk that fine line between pestering the public to death to read/buy/look at my book and being all cool about things, “Oh…that old thing? Yeah…it’s cool if you read it. Or not.”

And people are actually reading it, which is both beyond my comprehension and much too exciting to put into words. We’ve been asked to do a book signing, talk at our local school’s library, and to present at our church. All without the first email from me begging, I mean, asking, for an opportunity.

Also, this has freed up my time to work on my upcoming play. Due to the severe weather we’ve had, the performance days have been pushed back a week, and I personally am very thankful. I can now shift into publicity mode for both the show and the book.

Look out March!!

Until then, I believe the first course of action is to sleep some more. I am not one to ever nap, but after lunch today I came home and slept for two solid hours, like I was tired or something.

What a slacker.


35 Days to 35 is the series just completed by Ashley about her process of bringing her first book from rejection to publication in 35 days. It can be purchased in paperback or e-book. A portion of royalties will go toward her “Alpaca Fund.”

2 thoughts on “Now what??

  1. iku2e says:

    That’s Interesting, good luck


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