The Pain Game

When I'm in pain,
the physical kind of pain,
the "Sweet Lord Jesus deliver me"
kind of pain
I like to play a game. 

It's not really a game, 
it's just a way 
to occupy my brain
in the depths of that pain.
Perspective, if you will. 

I ask myself, "Would you rather?"
as in,
"Would you rather be in THIS
kind of pain?"
and I focus...


and then I think 
of a comparable pain 
I've clearly lived through,
and say 
"Or THAT kind of pain?" 
and then I remember...

And then I decide 
which pain I prefer. 
That's the end of the game,
but while I'm busy deciding,
the pain is subsiding.

And that's what I'm thinking of today. 

(P.S. I'm really okay. I've been having my foot worked on and today was a treatment. The most pain is during treatment. I've lived through it before, and Ibuprofen is a gift from the Lord)