Happiness is Cake

“Good things come to those who wait.”

That’s a very encouraging sentiment, and could even be considered words to live by. I could also guarantee you without so much as a second of research that the above is a string of words first uttered by someone whose mouth was packed full of freshly baked cake. The extra ten pounds I’ve been carrying on my thighs for the past ten years is evidence enough of my own personal belief in that statement.

Think about it; has their ever been a more perfect moment than when we first partake of this warm, confectionary burst of happiness? Such simple ingredients; eggs, water, butter, cake mix (let’s be real) a dash of vanilla and a pinch of love, poured in a pan and baked to 350 degrees of golden joy. Roughly 30 minutes later, after a slathering of chocolate icing, and a scattering of sprinkles (for whimsy) the final result is a nigh on guarantee to cure any ill.

Now that we’re all hungry, what’s the point?

Dreams are kinda like cake. We have dreams about what will make us happy, or what we think will make us happy.

“If only I was a published author!”

“If only I could make a movie!”

“If only I could be the lead actor in a movie!”

“If only there was a “Cake Only” diet!”

These are just a few of my personal dreams, feel free to insert your own.

In truth, if dreams are like cake, a good deal of us are STILL waiting for ours to come out of the oven.

Waiting fills our lives and tests our patience. We wait in lines, we wait in doctors offices, we wait for our favorite show to come on or for an anticipated movie to come out. According to a google search I just did, we spend an average of two weeks of our lives simply waiting at red lights. We wait, wait, wait.

I’ve done a fair amount of waiting too. When I was a teenager, I decided I wanted to not only be an actor, but to create films. That I had no money, no connections, and no real prospect of that dream actually happening didn’t seem to figure in my mind.

I did have the beginning of the ingredients. I was a capable writer, and I was a decent actor. I had studied where I could, and learned where I couldn’t. As the years progressed, I gained experience, contacts, and wrinkles as I waited for my dream to be fulfilled.

A funny thing also happened while I waited; life. As the time passed, I learned to appreciate the little things, the every day ‘nothings’ that made life unique and beautiful. I recorded some of those things along the way, and I’d like to share them with you from time to time.

After what seemed like years of waiting (because it was) things finally happened. I helped create a movie in 2011, I played the lead role in another movie in 2012, and I co-authored a book about my experience making that first film in 2013. This year, 2014, that book will be released. My longest and most ardent goal will have been realized. I will finally become a published author.

And it only took seventeen years to bake.

Happiness is Cake

*Baking times may vary



3 thoughts on “Happiness is Cake

  1. Tula Prewitt says:

    wonderful blog where will you be having your book printed? I have one and need to have it printed but have not found one with the price I can afford.


  2. Thomas Brown says:

    I am proud of you for not only chasing your dreams, but not giving up on them
    But there is still one unanswered question….did you lick the spoon when you emptied the bowl? ( ;-P).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tula Prewitt says:

      depending on what i am eating licking the bowl when baking or making candy most always lick the bowl very funny question.


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