The Lemonade Jamboree

My poetry series was SUCH a wonderful exercise, but once March began, my life turned back in earnest to the Jamboree. It has been on my mind for roughly a year, with many more months to go.
The Lemonade Jamboree was a dream within a dream. If you will permit me an odd analogy, it has been my child for the past year.

It was conceived in the early days of quarantine and birthed in the summer of social distancing. I have been charged with raising the Fall Series, tending to it, and eventually, sharing it with you. It is a tremendous responsibility, and one I do not take lightly. Possibly like a parent, I feel its success is a direct reflection upon my ability as one of its creators and its guardian.

There are five days left to watch the fruits of this labor, this figurative child that was raised in the middle of a pandemic. After that, it steps back into the shadows for a while, a moody teenager, as its little sibling, The Spring Series, is raised and brought out in debutante fashion later this year.

As with any child, the Fall Series was not created by just one person. An entire village stepped in to help form it, mold it, and make it who it became. I wanted to take a moment to thank those people, those visionaries who saw a dream that wasn’t yet finalized and stood with me, shoulder to shoulder as we figured it out together. Absolutely none of this would be possible without them.

Earlier in the year, we entered a few of the sketches into film festivals, and are thrilled to say that so far, four have been accepted into various festivals, with two making into the International Christian Film and Music Festival, the largest and most prestigious festival of it’s kind in the US.

Thank you to the faces you will see in this slideshow, and the many faces behind the scenes that you won’t see, for believing in me, and for believing in The Lemonade Jamboree.

Featuring Josh Martin’s nominated song, “It’s Such a Good Day To Have a Good Day.”*

*ICFF nomination for Best Music Video, featured in the Fall Series of “The Lemonade Jamboree”

Tickets are available at:

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