Imposter Syndrome

Maybe it's just me...
or maybe you've felt it too.
When I get an idea, 
a wonderful, marvelous idea - 
it is all the cliches.
A lightbulb! A spark! 
A mind worm I simply can't shake.

I feel like a genius! a trail blazer!
A friend to Einstein & Tesla  
& Shakespeare 
all wrapped into one. 

But then...

When I begin to breathe life
into this idea, when it becomes
more than just a lightbulb! a spark!
my company changes 
to Larry, Curly, and Moe. 

I'm a buffoon! an imposter! 
and surely, someone else
can do this better than
dumb, unimaginative me. 

This idea! This spark! 
This mind worm that simply won't shake,
wasn't given to just anyone...

It was gifted to me, 
or to you,
Yes, you...with your very own 
wonderful, marvelous idea. 

And so,
What I would like to say, 
to both you, and also to me,
is the same brain that 
conceived this idea - 
is the only one
who can bring it to life. 

What are we waiting for?
Einstein & Telsa 
& Shakespeare are gone, 
but then again,
so are Larry, & Curly, and Moe. 

haven't we always been told
anything worth having
is worth working for?

Go forth you,
and go forth me
Let's bring our wonderful,
marvelous ideas into this world!

How do you know what it is?
Why, so simple...
It's the lightbulb! The spark!
It's the thing that's missing that only 
YOU or I can provide. 

I know just the thing...don't you? 

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