The Climb

At the base of the mountain
             I gazed upward,
toward the invisible peak - 
             for it was shrouded in clouds
and a mist of uncertainty. 

            I gazed upward 
at the rocks - 
     at the difficult path ahead.
            I gazed upward, 
at the sheer scale & impossibility. 

But then - 

I felt a nudge from behind - 
So gentle, that it was almost
a whisper personified. 
                   "I am with you." 

And so,  
I took a step. A shaky step. 
I reached out my hand to begin the climb, 
But paused -  
                   "I'm scared." 

The gentle nudge moved me forward - 
                   "I am with you." 
I  grabbed the earth, I took the step - 
                    I began the climb. 

It went well at first, 
But then - 
                   I stumbled. 
Panic set in and I nearly let go - 
But then - 
                   from beside me, 
guiding my hand, 
a voice so soft it was like 
a caress personified. 
                  "I am with you." 

And so, I continued the climb,
Making progress, 
               falling back, 
                             gaining ground,
Feeling scared & brave &  accomplished
all at once. 

This continued on,
for what seemed like ages.
                 Until - 
One day, the mist enveloped me,
and I passed through it to the other side. 

As I reached the top, 
I finally experienced the reward
of my life long struggle. 
a view so 
                 - magnificent- 
that it overwhelmed my senses
            and rendered me speechless. 


A voice so familiar, it was like
Love personified. 
                     I gazed upward 
toward the source, 
                     My soul shining in recognition.

"Oh! I know you...
                      You were with me always." 

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