Say It Now

Every time someone passes away, no matter what the circumstances, there are people left mourning. A celebrity brings joy to millions, and so, that loss is felt by millions. A woman from a small town may not have affected as many on a global scale, but her loss is just as deeply felt by those who loved her.

Earlier this month, Vicky Wise, a beautiful beacon of my community, passed on after a six year battle with cancer. And today, I, along with most of the world, was shocked at the loss of comedian Robin Williams.

Two very different people who faced their final days in very different ways. One was in tremendous physical pain, while the other was in tremendous emotional pain. Vicky was surrounded by loved ones in her final moments, while Robin, presumably, was alone.

In both cases, the outpouring of love and support for each person has been overwhelming. Countless friends have come forward with stories of how Vicky encouraged them at a crucial moment…myself included. She was the one who told my shy, novice actress-self to keep auditioning for roles, even if other actors said I couldn’t do it. Robin spent his life giving the masses entertainment, and all of us within that mass have a favorite film role of his…a movie we turn to when we need to feel something.

We have opined about how much we loved them, how much they meant to us, how much we will miss them, and how sad we are that they are no longer in this world.

Every time this happens…because it is life, and this sort of thing will keep happening…I wonder the same thing. What if we say it now? Before the loss. Before the tragedy that takes them away from us. I’m not necessarily talking about close family members. I would hope that the love from them is felt on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s not though, and that is a tragedy in and of itself.

I’m talking about the friends, acquaintances, internet buddies and co-workers. Those people that make up your everyday life, that you walk past, interact with, and usually take for granted. What if tomorrow never came for one of them?

So many people are so very lonely–people that you wouldn’t expect. Tweet your favorite celebrity and tell them how much joy they bring to your life. Why? Because, despite what some of them would have you believe, a famous person is still just that–a person. They just hide their pain better than the rest of us.

As for those in your everyday life, share the love you have for them now. Say it now. Show it now…in whatever manner you show your affection. Tell your friends you love them. If you can’t say it in person, send an email, a text, or let Hallmark say it for you. Don’t worry about if they’ll say it back. Some people aren’t ready, but that shouldn’t stop you. Take that step. Countless people, whether famous or simply just beloved, are struggling with something under the surface. Don’t wait until they’re gone to let them know how much they mean to you.

Just say it now.

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